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Landscape Groundskeeper - East Main Campus Team

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Boulder, Colorado

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Classified Staff



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Job Summary

Outdoor Services is inviting applications for a Landscape Groundskeeper - East Main Campus Team. This position will provide daily routine and emergency maintenance services to the exterior, grounds areas on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. The landscape groundskeeper will also provide the same services to other University of Colorado organizations though maintenance agreements with those organizations. This position will specifically provide these services to areas on the main Boulder Campus designated as "East Main Campus". However, this position may be assigned to any Boulder campus area depending on the needs of the organization.

Who We Are

Facilities Management at the University of Colorado Boulder provides and maintains a physical environment that promotes the advancement and transfer of knowledge. Outdoor Services provides high quality, professional grounds and landscape services to enhance a safe, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious campus. The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the top public academic and research institutions in the United States. Its architecture and grounds are considered to be among the most attractive and progressive in the world.

What Your Key Responsibilities Will Be

Landscape Maintenance
  • Performs routine and technical maintenance procedures on trees, shrubs and perennial and annual herbaceous plant material. Identifies and performs appropriate eradication procedures for plant disease, insect and weed problems. Performs installation and maintenance procedures on landscape structures and amenities. Installs all types of plant material and provide appropriate cultural practices to assure successful establishment. Performs planting bed renovation procedures to assure successful reestablishment of beds in the shortest possible time. Assists supervisor and team leader in the plant design and selection of landscape, annual and perennial plant material for beds. 
  • For the above duties, this position may serve as a work leader for other full time, temporary and/or student employees. 
  • Identifies and applies the appropriate maintenance practices for the specific plant material being addressed. Understands and applies environmental and cultural practices that can be manipulated to control plant growth, plant disease development, insect eradication and weed management. 
Grounds Maintenance
  • Performs daily maintenance procedures to assure that Main Campus grounds areas are free of trash, recyclable materials and litter that would negatively impact appearance. Monitors and maintains sidewalks, stairways, building entryways, loading docks, bus stops, ADA structures, fences, retaining walls, bicycle paths and landscape structures (benches, memorials, trash, and recycling receptacles, ash urns and public artworks) to assure a safe and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Monitors and takes appropriate action for removal of any signage, graffiti and markings on campus property that are in violation of University Policy. 
  • For the above duties, this position may serve as a work leader for other full time, temporary and/or student employees. 
  • Identifies and dispatches necessary equipment and/or personnel to eliminate trash, recycle and litter issues. Assesses issues that are encountered on the Campus grounds that would impact safety or appearance, campus occupants and visitors. Takes appropriate steps to mitigate the issues quickly, then remove inappropriate signage, postings, graffiti or markings or contact the appropriate personnel for removal.  
Turf Maintenance
  • Performs turf management practices required to assure that turf in assigned service areas meets the Campus standards for appearance. This may include all of the following: edging along hardscape, leaf removal and chopping, string trimming of un-mowable grass around plants and structures, as well as hand removal of weeds from turf areas. May assist turf management personnel in other cultural practices. 
  • For the above duties, this position may serve as a work leader for other full time, temporary and/or student employees. 
  • Determines the most appropriate equipment to be used to perform any turf management practice based on the magnitude of the job, equipment available and personnel available. When performing or monitoring work being performed, the appropriate safety practices must be employed to protect property, self, staff, campus occupants and visitors from harm or injury. 
Snow Removal and Ice Abatement
  • Performs snow removal and ice abatement on all campus sidewalks, bike paths, stairways, ADA accessibility structures and building entrances and exits. Work will require hand shoveling, operation of power snow removal equipment and vehicles, as well as application of ice abatement products. The employee may assist and direct other Outdoor Services employees (FTE, temporary and student) in snow removal and ice abatement activities on the Main Campus as required. Snow removal activities will require early and late arrival times, extended shifts as well as after-hours call-ins. The employee is expected to be available for regular, overtime and call-in/back hours as needed to perform snow and ice mitigation activities.
  • Accurately determines the most effective method of snow removal and ice abatement to assure the safest conditions in all areas on the East Main Campus grounds. Prioritizes snow removal and ice abatement activities to assure the most sensitive areas receive appropriate attention. The employee will need to ensure public safety for campus special events and programs during normal working hours and after hours. 
  • The employee will encounter varying conditions that require more or less attention to assure the safest environment for students, staff and the general public. 
Work Place Safety
  • Contributes to a safe working environment for self, staff, faculty and the general public.  Adheres to all safety guidelines, in particular, those concerning the use of power tools, equipment and vehicles. Reports unsafe conditions and/or accidents to supervisors.  Attends, conducts and participates in safety training. Strictly adheres to the appropriate safety protocol for the use of chemicals and hazardous materials in the execution of job duties. 
  • Determines when a task is unsafe for him/herself and/or a coworker and requests assistance from others to achieve a safe work environment. Assures day-to-day application of safety practices to assure protection of University resources and prevents injuries to self, coworkers, faculty, students and the general public. 
  • The employee may encounter the improper use of tools and/or equipment, lack of safety shielding or exclusionary devices or the lack of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for an activity. Employee is expected to personally refrain from unsafe work practices and take the necessary steps to prevent or mitigate situations that might cause injury to property and/or personnel. A supervisor and/or lead worker is available to resolve questions or clarify procedures. The employee is expected to contact his/her supervisor or the Facilities Management Safety Officer with any safety-related questions or concerns. 
Crew Member Responsibilities
  • Functions as a crew (team) member by coordinating daily activities with supervisor, team leader and/or coworkers to ensure overall campus appearance and/or safety consistency. Completes time cards, charging appropriate work order(s) and other documents in an accurate and timely manner. Requests time off in the prescribed manner and informs the appropriate staff of absences and/or tardiness in advance of the scheduled day. Complies with all State Personnel Board Rules and Facilities Management and Outdoor Services Policies and Guidelines. This position has no formal purchasing authority but will request and make suggestions for purchases.
  • The employee will make decisions related to prioritization of tasks, input into daily scheduling, selection of work materials and tools required to perform duties.
  • May function as a work leader or train other Grounds & Nursery I’s, students and seasonal employees. Issues with temporary or student employees may come up which cannot be resolved in the field. Supervisor will be informed in order to correct the problem(s). 
Maintenance of Assigned Tools and Equipment
  • The employee will be held accountable for the maintenance and inventory of all tools and equipment required in the execution of all assigned tasks. Equipment includes: gas and electric power tools, high-pressure power washers, pick-up trucks and utility vehicles. Performs the appropriate daily, weekly and monthly preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance activities required for any tool and/or equipment assigned to the employee or required to perform his/her work assignments. Employee is required to submit periodic maintenance and mileage reports to supervisor and will submit and/or assist in the biannual tool and equipment inventory of both team and personal tools and equipment. Employee must assure that any tool and/or equipment is in a clean and serviceable condition at the end of any work shift. 
  • The employee will determine when tools and/or equipment are unsafe to use for work assignments. Schedules tools and/or equipment for repair when service is required.  Performs daily inventories of tools and equipment so as to maintain availability for future service. 
  • Broken, damaged and lost tools or equipment will be reported to the team leader and/or supervision by end of the work shift 
Identify and Report Maintenance Issues
  • The employee is expected to inform supervision or the Facilities Management Service Center of any maintenance issue(s) encountered during a work shift. Employee will maintain an effective working relationship and line(s) of communication with Facilities Management Trade Shops, the Environmental Health and Safety Center and Outdoor Services staff and supervision. Employee will relay any requests for service or notification of service issues from students, administration, Facilities Management staff or the general public to supervision or the Facilities Management Service Center in the most expeditious manner possible. 
  • The employee should be aware of any situations that are out of the ordinary while performing daily duties. Resolution of a problem may require the employee to determine whether to refer the issue to another maintenance organization or handle it him/herself. 
  • Breakdowns in lines of communication between front-line employees and other entities can happen from time to time. It is essential that this employee establishes and maintains effective lines of communication between staff, other maintenance organizations and customers. 
  • Once familiar with the duties of this position, the employee will find them highly repetitive in nature. The scope of work for this position is highly variable due to factors (wind, rain, snow, special events) not controllable by the employee. A supervisor and/or lead worker will be available to resolve questions and problems. 
  • For the above duties, this position has no purchasing authority. 
  • Employee is expected to perform all other duties as assigned. 
  • The employee may serve as a work leader for other full time, temporary and/or student employees. 

What You Should Know

  • This position will work five (5) eight (8) hour days per week, between the hours of 6:00 am and 5:00 pm based on the staffing requirements of the department. The work week for this position will be Monday through Friday or Tuesday through Saturday based on the staffing requirements of the department.
  • Pre-placement and DOT physical required as a condition of employment.
  • Must obtain CMV within the first 6 months of employment.

What We Can Offer

The starting salary is $37,668.


The University of Colorado offers excellent benefits, including medical, dental, retirement, paid time off, tuition benefit and ECO Pass. The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the largest employers in Boulder County and offers an inspiring higher education environment. Learn more about the University of Colorado Boulder.

Be Statements

Be Challenged. Be Innovative. Be Boulder.

What We Require

  • One year of grounds care and maintenance, greenhouse or plant nursery general labor work experience appropriate to the job assignment. 
  • Must be a current Colorado resident to apply.
  • Pre-placement and DOT physical required as a condition of employment.
  • Must obtain a CMV certification within the first 6 months of employment.

What We Would Like You To Have

  • Training, experience and/or certification in horticulture, institutional landscape maintenance, turf management, nursery management, arboriculture, weed management, pesticide application. 
  • Two years of institutional or commercial landscape maintenance. 
  • Holds a valid Colorado Commercial Driver's License (CDL - A or B).

Special Instructions

To apply, please submit the following materials: 

1. A current resume. Must include date ranges and whether full time or part time work. 
2. A cover letter that specifically addresses the job requirements and outlines qualifications. 
3. DD-214 for veteran applicants. 
a. Qualified veterans are eligible for veteran’s preference points within the State classified system. If you are a veteran and would like to have your DD214 evaluated to determine your eligibility for preference points, please attach a copy of your DD214 to this posting. If you do not wish to upload a DD214, please email a copy to or send via fax at 303-492-4693 and reference the job to which you are applying.
4. If using the educational substitution for experience: proof of degree or transcripts. 

You will not be asked to upload references at this time.

Please apply by May 21, 2019 for consideration.

Note: Application materials will not be accepted via email. For consideration, applications must be submitted through CU Boulder Jobs.

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Essential Services

This position is designated “essential services.” The incumbent is required to respond to requests for work during campus emergencies (snow, wind, rain, flood and any other natural or man-made event) and report to work for his / her regularly assigned shift during emergency campus closures. 

Posting Contact Name: Boulder Campus Human Resources

Posting Contact Email:

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